Reinventing the Egg

To Win the Game is to Change It

Rethink! Revise! Reinvent!


Whether you are a marketing director in a global company or the founder of a small venture, the proven path to drive significant business growth is to create a new competitive space: a new category.


Reinvention is at the heart of this issue. In an era where consumers have access to unlimited choices, creating an average product and selling it in an average way is a recipe for failure. This book is about creating new growth in business through innovation. It is not about incremental ideas or doing something slightly better. This book is about reinventing things, about reinventing the egg.


This is your chance to benefit from marketing expert Roger Cusa’s vast experience in new brands and innovation. Cusa provides practical, easy-to-follow steps and includes over one hundred real-life inspiring stories and fascinating examples of innovative endeavors.


Roger Cusa is a marketing director with over fifteen years of experience launching and managing global brands, such as Subway, Burger King, Ferrero Group, Mapa Spontex, and Flamagas.




"If you're feeling stuck, Roger's book might be just the nudge you need."   Seth Godin – Author, Purple Cow.


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Crea Tu Proyecto Tube

Descubre tu Proyecto Tube

¿How a tonguebrush manufacturer about to close could build a business empire in 114 countries? ¿How a small wine shop could boost its sales from 4 to 45 million dollars in a few months? Behind these stories there is a secret: Using YouTube as a marketing tool. Discover all the opportunities that online video can offer to your brand.




"Online video has become an essential tool to generate business, gain clients and create a personal brand. Roger exquisitly explains in his book the secrets of those who have already taken advantage of all these opportunities."


Bernardo Hernández – New Emerging Products Worldwide Director at Google Inc.


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